You Don't Need to Die on That Hill

Published on Friday, 11 June 2021 22:05

"I use Arch btw", "Um actually it's GNU/Linux", "You should stop using (insert popular operating system) and try Linux from scratch".

Why is the perception of the Linux community like this?

It's funny, though, because I know the communities of the more popular Linux distros are full of the most helpful, wonderful people. Take Ubuntu, for example. I don't think that Linux would be as popular as it is - however small in the grander scheme of things - without the guides and StackOverflow posts helping people get started, and fix problems.

But then there's the few minor communities which gather a cult-like following, who hold themselves above everyone else simply because they know how to set it up.

Is that really something positive? Are you helping the community in any way?

And does it really matter?

I see a lot of similarities between the 'new JavaScript framework every day' joke and the Linux flavours. They are pretty much all the same, should we not be arguing over which desktop experience is better? Upstart vs systemd?

Anyway, I'm just ranting. Had some errant thoughts about this in a tired stupor. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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