Notes on Blazor

Blazor is a neat new client web application framework, allowing apps to be built using C# - these are some of the notes I have after using it for a bit

Published on Friday, 01 October 2021 08:55

At work, I have started using Blazor as the base for a new web project - and I have compiled some notes that I would like to share about my experience with it so far. There is no particular format or ordering here. Also note that I am still only exploring Blazor, my notes are generally in comparison to some other similar web technologies.

Without further ado, begin brain-dump;

End of brain-dump.

I might come back and add more things here as I go, but that is about where I'm at with the technology so far.

Generally I am pleased however, I think this might stick with me and find their way into my own personal projects.

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