It’s unusually difficult to get text input in a virtual reality application using Unity, but there are a few tools that make it easier.

One of these tools is the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity by Microsoft. This SDK is great for working with the Windows Mixed Reality, which I do.

If this is the extent of your toolset, then all you need to do is pop the Keyboard playfab (located: Assets/HoloToolkit/UX/Prefabs/Keyboard.prefab) into the hierarchy and summon the keyboard when you click an InputField like so:

private void Update()
    if (!keyboardIsActive)
        if (someInput.isFocused)
            keyboardIsActive = true;
            // update the text input field
            Keyboard.Instance.OnTextUpdated += HandleUpdate;
    else Keyboard.Instance.PresentKeyboard();

private void HandleUpdate(string text)
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(text))
        someInput.text = text;

Should you also be using the VRTK, you will need to modify the keyboard prefab with a VRTK_UICanvas component. This will prevent the laser pointer from going directly through the keyboard.

You can then use the InputField as you would normally:

someInput.onEndEdit.AddListener((string text) =>
    string myResult = text; // 🔥 do what you want with the result!
    keyboardIsActive = false; // reset the state
    // remove event handler before close to prevent blanking the InputField
    Keyboard.Instance.OnTextUpdated -= HandleUpdate;
    Keyboard.Instance.Close(); // close the keyboard